Microsolidarity is a community-building practice. We're weaving the social fabric that underpins shared infrastructure.

The first objective of microsolidarity is to create structures for belonging. We are stitching new kinship networks to shift us out of isolated individualism into a more connected way of being. Why? Because belonging is a superpower: we’re more courageous & creative when we "find our people".

The second objective is to support people into meaningful work. This is very broadly defined: you decide what is meaningful to you. It could be about your job, your family, or community volunteering. Generally, life is more meaningful when we are being of benefit to others, when we know how to contribute, when we can match our talents to the needs in the world.

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This website is a resource hub for microsolidarity practitioners. For a thorough understanding of the project, read through the Essays, here online, or download a pdf or ebook.

  1. Background – introducing Microsolidarity as a practice for cultivating communities of belonging & purpose.

  2. Five Scales of Microsolidarity – the only theory you need to grasp: groups of different sizes are good for different things.

  3. Leadership as Hospitality – a distinctive way of thinking about power, authority & hierarchy.

  4. A Developmental Pathway – one way to become a mature Microsolidarity practitioner: develop your skills at the small scale and gradually increase to larger groups.

  5. From Domination to Partnership – a fractal, radical, constructive approach to transforming power dynamics in groups of any size.\

One you've read a few of the essays, you might be ready learn how you can get started. If you're inspired, find out how you can participate, or make a financial contribution.

10-min intro video

Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming Microsolidarity events here. We have a 2-week cohort-based course coming up, summer camps in Europe and USA, and an online network call every month.


You can subscribe to this YouTube channel or podcast feed to be notified when we release new conversations with microsolidarity practitioners. Be sure to join the Discord group if you want to connect with other practitioners. And join the Microsolidarity newsletter for occasional updates on this project.

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