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You are welcome to join us on Discord to chat with other practitioners: invite link.

The Microsolidarity Network is open to anyone interested in microsolidarity, but we mostly want to hear from people who are doing microsolidarity, not so much from people who just want to talk about it.

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • You are welcome to participate. Tell us about what you are doing and let’s learn from our experiences together.

  • Don’t assume your experience is shared: people here come from very different backgrounds. We have different material conditions. We have different belief systems. Don’t expect to find conformity of ideas.

  • You are not expected to agree with everyone but you are expected to be kind & respectful.

  • If you’re having a stressful interaction with someone, take a break or ask another person to step in to add a third perspective. If you need support, ping Uli and he’ll make sure someone from the hosting team is paying attention.

  • This is a private party. We’re creating a convivial atmosphere and you will be removed if you insist on being a dick.

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