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You are welcome to join us on Discord to chat with other practitioners: invite link.
The Microsolidarity Network is open to anyone interested in microsolidarity, but the primary audience is for people who are hosting a congregation. This is a space for congregation hosts to meet and share lessons, get advice, exchange resources, and encourage each other. We have a strong bias to action: we mostly want to hear from people who are doing microsolidarity, not so much from people who just want to talk about it.
Some guidelines to keep in mind:
  • You are welcome to participate. Tell us about what you are doing and let’s learn from our experiences together.
  • Don’t assume your experience is shared: people here come from very different backgrounds. We have different material conditions. We have different belief systems. Don’t expect to find conformity of ideas.
  • You are not expected to agree with everyone but you are expected to be kind & respectful.
  • If you’re having a stressful interaction with someone, take a break or ask another person to step in to add a third perspective. If you need support, ping Uli and he’ll make sure someone from the hosting team is paying attention.
  • This is a private party. We’re creating a convivial atmosphere and you will be removed if you insist on being a dick.
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