Contributing Money
I think this is really important work, but it’s not easy to get paid for it. So far, most of the microsolidarity development work has been done in my "spare time". The pace of development would increase if we had a budget to pay people to contribute.
What I would do with more money:
  • If I could raise around €80k/yr then I’d quit all my other consulting work and work full time supporting a cohort of congregation hosts. We’d troubleshoot their community development process, and produce learning resources for anyone to use (e.g. videos, practices, a book).
  • With more funds raised, I’d love to pay congregation hosts to care for their communities and share what they learn. I’d also love to pay other people to contribute to the Microsolidarity Network, e.g. graphic design & videography.
  • In my "best case scenario", we’d have enough funds to own or partner with a network of retreat centres. The physical spaces could be the training site for anyone wanting to learn about microsolidarity & for any community that needs a space for their own gatherings.
How you can support:
  • You can make a small regular contribution by supporting my Patreon page.
  • If you want to make a contribution with cryptocurrency, you can send funds to microsolidarity.eth.
  • If you’re interested in making a more substantial contribution, or you have fundraising ideas (e.g. grants to apply for) please get in touch!
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