Gathering Invite

This is an example of what an invitation might look like for a new congregation.

What We’re inviting about 30 people from across Europe to join us for a 6-month experiment. The main commitment we’re asking is for you to join two 4-day gatherings, one to start us off in November and the closing one in May. Between the gatherings you’ll stay in touch with a small crew of 4-6 people (e.g. about two 90min calls per month).

Why Over the past couple years we’ve met brilliant lovely people like you who want more connection, belonging, and mutual aid. We’re bringing you all together to see if we can intentionally create a small, geographically-distributed community of care, learning, and action.

In addition to cultivating community for ourselves, we’re also researching and documenting the process as a public resource to help other folks learn from our experiences.

How much We’re happy to organise and host both gatherings, and do any coordination and administration throughout the 6-month period. We’ll ask you to cover your food and accomodation for the gatherings (expect about ~€300-500 per gathering), plus a one-off contribution (~€200-400) so we can pay ourselves a wage for our time through the period. Let us know if money is a barrier to your participation, we can work something out.

What next Our intention is to start with a simple design, with a clearly delimited start and end. We’ll design and host the gatherings, with lots of space for contributions from you all. If we get the sense that the experiment is a “success”, then we may collectively decide to continue. At that stage, we can open up the community structure to be more co-designed, with a wider invitation to include more people.

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