Vibes Program

A short cohort-based course to practice Microsolidarity and connect with other community builders.

Join us for this Practice Program if you want...

  • to cultivate deeper connections and more collaboration within a network

  • to initiate more learning, mutual aid, and a sense of belonging within your community

  • to develop a work culture where people care about each other's wellbeing and growth

About this program

This is a 2-week program. You can access this short curriculum of videos & texts to learn about the core concepts in your own time, and we will meet twice each week to experiment with relational practices (for a total of four 90-minute group calls). You'll also have access to a discussion forum to connect with other learners, share resources and ask us questions.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to microsolidarity

  • Dyads: relational practices to develop a feeling of safety for more vulnerability and intimacy.

  • Crews: key considerations and different formats for support in small groups.

  • Congregation: case studies from different congregations, sharing how to start and maintain a self-organising network of crews.

  • Leadership & engagement: how to encourage participation, engagement and co-leadership.

  • Reflection & learning: how to get into the habit of reflection & continuous improvement, at a personal and collective level

Time Commitment

  • ​There are four 90-minute live calls where we’ll practice together

  • You follow the course content in your own time. You can expect to spend around 30 minutes in preparation for each of the weekly topics.

  • There is a digital forum for connection, interaction, and Q&A.

Times & Dates

The next cohort will start on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. We meet for 4 live calls over 2 weeks, on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6-7.30pm CET / 9-10:30am PDT.

Can't make it this time? To register interest in a future cohort, fill in this short form and we will let you know when the next cohort is ready to launch. You will have an opportunity to confirm your commitment after the dates are finalised.


Register on Open Collective. Tickets are available for €140. Income from ticket sales will be used to pay the hosting team, and we'll share 10% of the income with the Microsolidarity common fund. If you want to join but money is a barrier to you participating, you can apply for a scholarship..


Here are some quotes from previous participants

"It was mindblowing how quickly you can develop trust and belonging - I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it. We created a feeling of trust and safety within a few minutes, it's bonkers!"

"I only spoke to 3 people and already I got such a strong feeling that I want to get to know everyone here - I don't often feel that in a random group of people."

"It’s so helpful to do these peer-support processes with people who are outside my community - it’s so valuable to get the perspective of someone who cares but is not involved. It's usually hard to find. it takes a lot of scene-setting, and a specific social contract, which is what the Microsolidarity Network is creating."

"It felt like there's a large pool of wisdom that I can enter, and I don't have to be reluctant about it. I can share my problem even when I can't explain it very well, and people are open to listen to me and give me their thoughts."

"In this process I felt like how it feels when I confide in one of my close friends. These two people I had only just met, they were so focussed on listening to what I needed, and putting their best efforts into helping me... that's a very powerful feeling. They were there for me."

Your Hosts

This program was originally developed by Nati Lombardo & Rich Bartlett. They hosted it 4 times through 2020-2022. Since 2023 the program has being run as a community-organised event. Facilitation is lead by: Jocelyn Ames, Sara Bajor, Jonas Gröner, and Gui Trevisan.

Other Questions?

Please ask in the #practice-program channel on Discord and we'll try to help :)

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