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Micrsolidarity Practice Program (Oct 2023)

A short cohort-based course to practice Microsolidarity and connect with other community builders: October 3-12. Find out more here

Online Monthly Network Meeting

We meet 7.30-9pm CET on the first Thursday of every month. Here's a sample of what happens in these meetings:
This is a members-only meeting where you can connect with other practitioners, to give and receive support in your community-building journey.

Previous Gatherings

  • We had the first gathering in Belgium in May 2023, here's what we learned (video | audio).
  • The second gathering in 2023 was outside Denver, Colorado. We debriefed here (video | audio)
  • We had 2 gatherings in the northern summer 2023, one in Germany and one in the States. Stay tuned for documentation from these events.