5. Resources & Practices

Practice & Processes for Crewing

  • Case Clinic - is a peer-coaching process from Theory U. It has a practical output (helping someone with a challenge they're currently facing), and it tends to produce a lot of insight and interpersonal bonding. It's an excellent place to start, you can get a long way in one meeting.

  • Peer Action Learning - process that allows participants to address real and immediate challenges they face and get support to find ways to move forward.

  • Project Kitchen - Process to get support on a project

  • Feelz Circle - 3 processes for sharing emotional care between friends/ comrades/ lovers.

  • Courage & Renewal - approach from Parker Palmer for creating a circle of trust. Includes some guidance for cultivating a safe space for vulnerable conversations, plus great descriptions of why this is valuable.

  • Lots of practices to be found here.

Sequences for Crewing

  • ICT Support Circle - Sequence of 8 sessions for personal/professional growth based on Intentional Change Theory

  • Working Out Loud - Sequence of 12 sessions to build relationships that help you achieve a goal, learn a skill, etc.

  • Metagame Mastermind - a kind of stoic crew. 3 people, 3 week sprints, 3 commitments (one life practice (e.g. meditate daily), one renouncement (e.g. no sugar), one gift to the world).

  • The Elephants - long term personal development for Crews, focused on goal-setting and accountability.

For more practices, inspiration, and facilitation methods check out the SessionLab library.

Congregation Resources


More info: handbook.enspiral.com & betterworktogether.co Reflecting on the recent Enspiral Europe gathering: video Enspiral Pods guide: handbook.enspiral.com/guides/pods Interview with Enspiral founder Joshua Vial: video

Cultural Catalyst Network

More info & apply to join: CulturalCatalystNetwork.org Karl & Leonie explain CCN structure: video

Pico Island Congregation

Documentation: pico.microsolidarity.cc Reflecting on the 2021 Summer gathering: video

United Nations

One of the voluntary networks who are prototyping methods for self-management and peer support within the UN: https://untoday.org/views-from-young-un-on-the-future-of-work/

Further Reading

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