A note from Rich, updated Sept 2021: it seems this project wants to be co-created, and also I feel it needs a strong curatorial hand to keep the nuance and simplicity intact as it grows. I haven't worked out how to co-produce this resource yet. I want to validate my own R&D and articulate some principles before sharing the authorship.
If you want to be involved: thank you for your enthusiasm! We occasionally run an online program where you can connect and practice microsolidarity with others: more about that here. Besides that, the only official online meeting place is this Loomio group. However I am not currently doing anything to activate that community forum.
My recommendation for now is to run your own experiments with Crews, and chat with me on Twitter.
We're planning to hold the first physical gathering in 2022 (Belgium), at which point the "decentralised network of microsolidarity communities" will likely be much more open and ready for diverse participants and contributions.
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