Methods for people to support each other in small groups (less than 8)

These methods are primarily designed for people outside of a formal organisational context, e.g., freelancers and activists. However many of them may migrate smoothly into organisations. These are ways for people to support each other in peer-to-peer relationships of mutual aid.

In some Microsolidarity channels, there are folks working to illuminate core patterns or principles that support crews to successfully form, generate value for their participants, and gracefully end such that the participants can go on to join or start other groups (you can also think of this as composting, and there's an impulse to get better at 'sunsetting' our groups and projects).

Here's some specific methods that groups have used:

  • Care Pod personal-and-professional development in small groups, a new practice in development at Enspiral, based on Intentional Change Theory

  • The Elephants long term personal development for Crews

  • If you have more to add to this list, please contribute :)

  • Feelz Circle: 3 processes for sharing emotional care between friends/ comrades/ lovers

  • Stewardship peer support system for Partnerships


How is Crew formed? We're not sure. Rich's original proposal suggests the best way to meet your Crew-mates is in a Congregation: a larger gathering of people with some shared values and medium-high trust. The core patterns linked above may help, but there's many experiments to be done.

🔈In this podcast with Daniel Thorson, Ria Baeck suggests the best place to start is at home, with a few guests gathered around a compelling question.

If you have experiences to share, please do!