Methods for people to support each other in small groups (less than 8)

These methods are primarily designed for people outside of a formal organisational context, e.g., freelancers and activists. However many of them may migrate smoothly into organisations. These are ways for people to support each other in peer-to-peer relationships of mutual aid.

Here's some specific methods that groups have used:


How is Crew formed? We're not sure. Rich's original proposal suggests the best way to meet your Crew-mates is in a Congregation: a larger gathering of people with some shared values and medium-high trust. The core patterns linked above may help, but there's many experiments to be done.

🔈In this podcast with Daniel Thorson, Ria Baeck suggests the best place to start is at home, with a few guests gathered around a compelling question.

If you have experiences to share, please do!