Intermediate Program

Mar 19th - 28th 2024

This program is a continuation of the Introductory Practice Program. We’ll dive deeper in to the why, what and how around crewing and practicing essential facilitation and leadership skills. Where the introductory program was all about experiencing what microsolidarity is about and practicing some basic relational building blocks, this program aims to answer questions like:
  • “How do I create the vibe I experienced at the Practice Program in my own crew?”
  • “I resonate with the theory of microsolidarity but how do I actually apply it?”
  • “How do I start if I want to try crewing?”
We’ll specifically look at crewing as a core practice of microsolidarity and provide you with the basic principles and tools you need to get out there and start playing.

Course Topics

  • Exploring different types of crews and clarifying your calling around crewing
  • Getting to know “the host within” and uncovering inhibiting parts dynamics -Practicing basic facilitation skills
  • Understanding your role as a crew caller/ facilitator and how to support others to step in to their own leadership

Learning outcomes

At the end of this program you’ll have everything you need to practice your hosting and community building skills through crewing.


To make the most out of this program we ask that you attend the introductory practice program or an in-person microsolidarity event first.

Times and Dates

We meet for live calls on Tuesdays & Thursdays, for 2 weeks from Mar 19 to 28. You can choose which group you join, according to your timezone:
  • Timezone A meets at 9-10.30am CEST (3pm Singapore, 8pm Auckland)
  • Timezone B meets at 6-7.30pm CEST (9am Los Angeles, 1pm Rio)


Tickets are available for €140. Income from ticket sales will be used to pay the hosting team, and we'll share 10% of the income with the Microsolidarity common fund.
If you want to join but money is a barrier to you participating, you can apply for a scholarship.

Your Hosts

This program was designed and is hosted by Jocelyn Ames, Jonas Gröner, Gui Trevisan and Sara Bajor. They've been hosting the last two iterations of the introductory practice program. After hearing participants longing for more applied practice at the end of the introductory program they decided to create this next offering in response to this longing.